NFL Playoffs Betting Guide for 2022

The end-of-season playoffs are the ultimate test for every NFL team. The top teams in this sport pit themselves against one another and whichever wins advances to Super Bowl 51, where they will face off at American Airlines Stadium on Sunday 2nd February 2016 (2/3). The Rabbit Tribe has been very successful so far but there’s no way we’re going down without putting up some good fight!

The global reach and appeal of football are very apparent in the fact that online betting on its games has become increasingly popular over recent years.

An Introduction to the NFL Playoffs

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  • How NFL playoffs bets work
  • What the most popular bets are
  • What is NFL playoffs live betting

An Introduction to the NFL Playoffs

The NFL playoffs are a whole new world for any fan that’s just tuning into the games but don’t worry because we have an introductory guide to help get you up to speed.

What is NFL Playoffs Live Betting?

  • In the digital age, it’s easy to bet on the action while it’s taking place thanks to living betting
  • Sportsbooks will present odds that change according to the ebb and flow of the action
  • You can bet on the result of the next drive or the next quarter
  • You are still able to wager on the outcome of the game
  • This is a really exciting way of staying close to the game action as it unfolds


Betting on football playoffs in Canada is a booming business and it’s easier than ever to bet. The vast majority of sportsbooks now offer you the chance to enhance your engagement with sporting action by betting its outcomes!

We have all the information you need on how to bet football in Canada!